The Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is the mystery of entrance into a new life! It is a very important event in the life of all believers.

The task of a professional photographer is to shoot chronologically all sacramental moments of Baptism. That’s why the photographing of baptism is one of the most challenging genres in photography. In addition to professional and technical skills, the necessary high-aperture cameras and optics, due to low light in the churches, the photographer must constantly anticipate the important moments that can not be repeated. The knowledge of the sequence of service is the key to the successful work. A triple baby immersion into the font with holy water and anointing, also inspired faces of godparents and emotions of the baby all this forms a general picture of a responsible, clear day.

Of course, first of all, baptism is a great event in the spiritual life of everyone and only then it is the photo session. But if you have decided to invite a professional photographer to this ceremony, it would be very good to think out not only appearance and clothes of the baby, but of all participants too. A rich decoration of the temples and the clergy, as a rule, sets a high tone of photography style. To follow and express it on the photo it is necessary to prepare carefully.

The photo session of Baptism sacrament is a great gift if you want to be original and do not know what to present on this day!

The photos can be arranged to a personal photo book of the highest quality.