Family photography

An ideal family portrait - it is the unity of all family members, it is the contrast of generations, it is unique experience each time. A family photo is harmonious when portrayed people are happy, love and loved. Glitter in their eyes reflects their internal state. Such photo captivates and fascinates us. A professional family photography will preserve all these feelings and emotions and will become a worthy object of attention in your house. Creating such a portrait it is very important to feel the confidence of all family members. And the more open and relaxed family portrait members are, the more beautiful the result will be. Our family is the most precious and valuable thing that we have. We work and live for our children and beloved people, sacrifice our time and health achieving important goals, develop and become wiser. Everything is for the sake of our family welfare.

“All happy families are equally happy!" Tolstoy was right and it can be seen on family portraits of happy people which were made to preserve this happiness for many years, and to demonstrate it to descendants and other people. The creation of wonderful family photos precedes a very careful preparation. First, it is necessary to select the general color of clothing that will emphasize the idea of unity. Also clothing should conform to the place where a family photo session is going to be held. If it is in a country house or a restaurant with a classic interior the clothes of all family members should be appropriate and relevant to the style and colors of the interior. If, on the contrary, it is a walk on a yacht or in the park, the maximum ease and comfort of the images will work on the result. It is easier to add white cream without contrast colors into the concept of vacation family photo.

I support the maximum variety and unicity in photographing. I see each family individually and before making a decision on the stylistic line I need as much information about the preferences and interests of my future characters as possible. To get beautiful photos just of your family I'm ready to fly to any country and city in the world. The unique nature and landscape, sunset or dawn, tranquil and picturesque environment, readiness to experiment of all the family members and my professional approach is the pledge of unforgettable creative experience for me and for you and, of course, as a result - a wonderful content of your personal photo archives.