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I’m Irina Rempel.

I photograph children, their happy parents, women who only expect their babies and everything that is very personal and individual

...In style of Tenderness...

I travel a lot and look for inspiration everywhere.

We can organize our photosession anywhere in the world…

This unique experience will remain in your memory for ever…

Moments connected with our children…

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Memory is priceless!

Let your tenderness live in it!

Children and Family Photo

Child is a greatest God-given gift; it's a real miracle. Children teach us to live in a real way, to feel the real taste of the time that is given to us, they teach us to love and to set the priorities. As soon as being born, children involve us in an intriguing and absolutely new game in which everything is fair, meaning is clear, each smile is more valuable than the most expensive thing in the world and the adults if they want can perceive themselves better. A children's picture is a window into another reality, it’s a different level of thinking. It is as simple and pure as crystal clear transparent clouds.

Children never lie, do not hide their emotions and do not pose, all their grimaces are the natural embodiment of sincerity. In my opinion, it is much more complicated to work with the adults because they are full of prejudices, they live according to their principals and the laws of society but children do not. They are completely free and careless. And I do all my best to frame this sky-high rising freedom with children's photography and save in time.

The most touching is the first contact with the child. I’m an absolutely new person in his or her little world. That’s why when I meet a child for the first time I’m honest. I openly smile, look straight in the eye, I worry and try to do all my best for baby to like me.

Only in such a way begins my acquaintance with a new little person. Children are good psychologists who do not tolerate hypocrisy. When I come into a new house I don’t start shooting immediately. First I try to make contact with a child and wait for my little hero will be ready to open his own world for me. It’s impossible to make the child do something under the pressure, he or she can only be involved in the process like in the game.

I create beautiful stylized photos and projects but I never make up children. Children’s beauty is so full and all-sufficient that using even a little makeup may turn wonderful little creatures into inanimate dolls. Also, in my opinion children shouldn’t pose. It is the modern trend today but we don’t have any rights to spoil delicate children's souls. I’m sure that photographing begins with thoughts and images. It’s exceptionally important for me. That’s why it is much more comfortable for me to work in the open air with the natural light. The nature adds some special emotions, feelings and shades to the photo.

I like to improvise and to be transferred to different countries and play with colors and shapes. Nothing could be easier for me than to transform a lonely lupine field near Moscow into a glamorous Provence countryside or inspire a small yacht club with the idea of the sea cruise somewhere in Monte Carlo or to add some scandinavian motifs and features to a simple stable and to get the idea of Scandinavian chic ... What will happen then??? Then it will be even more interesting, because the more experienced I become the more attention I pay to each of my ideas. I always try to create something new I do not like to repeat.

I travel a lot and take photographs in different cities and countries. And I have noticed that people, who I meet with, are close to me in spirit. We have the similar tastes, ideas and interests. Very often, after our collective photographing we become friends.

I shoot some families not one or two times, but lots of times. And each time the results become better and better because it’s always difficult to work with non-professional models for the first time. A perfect family picture can be made only when the family acts as one organism and fully trusts me as a professional. And from shooting to shooting people show some new features, delight me with some new sides and it helps me to understand better their needs and make the pictures for a lifetime.