Children's photography

Children are the flowers of our life! Every smile is really priceless!

The fact that I love children I have realized only after my daughter’s birth. To photograph other children it is necessary to have your own. It is necessary to have this inexplicable, subtle experience of motherhood, that impossible to pry or to hear about. It is necessary to experience it for being able to anticipate children’s reactions and apprehend all facets of their deep and complicated souls. Each time getting acquainted with my little hero or heroine I observe… I do not start shooting at once, first I try to get into this small, fragile world and a little bit later when the baby begins to make friends with me, I do the first shots.

I always try to disclose a little personality, to find some special features in each child and to capture these unique emotions and images for many, many years.

Children grow and change very quickly. And it is a very interesting to chronicle the process of growing up a little person! Look at my work and you'll understand what I mean…